The Waterfront Residential Development in Poole Triumphs with Hat-Trick of Wins at the UK Property Awards 2023-2024

The Waterfront in Poole Triumphs with Hat-Trick of Wins at the UK Property Awards 2023-2024

London Land Group, developers of The Water­front Poole, announce its success at the UK Property Awards 2023-2024, triumph­ing over top contenders from across the entire United Kingdom to secure three presti­gi­ous awards.

As the flagship project of London Land Group, The Water­front in Poole was recog­nised for its excel­lence in archi­tec­tural design and devel­op­ment to be awarded in the categor­ies of Archi­tec­ture Multiple Residence, Apartment Devel­op­ment and Resid­en­tial Devel­op­ment 20+ Units. London Land Group, alongside The Waterfront’s archi­tects, Benchmark Archi­tects, will be honoured at the UK Property Awards on 10 November at the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square where they will find out whether they will go head-to-head against winners from Arabia, Europe, Africa, Canada, Central & South America, the Caribbean, USA, and Asia Pacific in the Inter­na­tional Property Awards, culmin­at­ing in an awards ceremony at the end of the year.

The United Kingdom Property Awards are highly regarded, with a judging panel compris­ing over 80 independ­ent industry experts. The judging criteria encompass design, quality, service, innov­a­tion, origin­al­ity, and a commit­ment to sustain­ab­il­ity. Notably, the panel is chaired by esteemed members of the House of Lords in the UK Parlia­ment, Lord Best and Lord Waverley.

Mario Luca Balducci, CEO of London Land Group stated, “We are immensely proud of The Water­front’s achieve­ments at the UK Property Awards. We are dedicated to redefin­ing exper­i­en­tial living, deliv­er­ing excep­tional proper­ties that enrich the lives of our residents and contrib­ute posit­ively to the communit­ies we serve.”

“These awards are a testament to the hard work and commit­ment of our entire team. For our flagship project to be recog­nised in such a way, further motivates us in setting unpre­ced­en­ted standards for resid­ences in all our future projects.”

London Land Group are a real estate devel­op­ment company with a vision to redefine exper­i­en­tial living and to create communit­ies with a profound sense of belonging. The companies exper­i­enced and fully integ­rated team focuses on value-add resid­en­tial mixed-use devel­op­ments, urban regen­er­a­tions and repur­pos­ing projects. The Group strive to collab­or­ate with industry leaders who share the same commit­ment to excel­lence, recently announ­cing multi-million pound partner­ships with Samsung Electron­ics UK and Reynaers Aluminium.

Nestled along Upton Lake in Poole Dorset, The Water­front devel­op­ment offers a selection of 1, 2, 3 bed and penthouse duplex apart­ments and premium amenities, including an entrance lobby and concierge, communal courtyard with office pods, two furnished resident club lounges and exclusive roof terraces with views out across the harbour.

2560 2062 Gwen Youlden

Alon Junger


A UK and US (New York Bar) solicitor by quali­fic­a­tion and former London based invest­ment banker, Alon is a serial real estate entre­pren­eur. As a major share­holder and managing director of several resid­en­tial and commer­cial real estate platforms in major cities in Germany, Alon special­ises in identi­fy­ing, struc­tur­ing and growing invest­ment oppor­tun­it­ies.

Mario Luca Balducci

Chief Executive Officer

Having qualified as an Architect and a Programme & Project Manage­ment Profes­sional in the UK, Mario is an accom­plished Real Estate leader. Mario has in-depth knowledge of commer­cial, technical, and socio-economic aspects of property devel­op­ment with a proven record of building markets, and business initi­at­ives.

Mario has been behind the delivery of numerous presti­gi­ous projects including Stratford City, home to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Alastair Scott Dalgleish

Construction Director

As a chartered construc­tion profes­sional, Alastair has overseen the construc­tion of over 2,000 high-specific­a­tion homes in London. Special­ising in Modern Methods of Construc­tion Techno­lo­gies, he employs pre-cast concrete and steel frame volumet­ric systems across low and high-rise devel­op­ment projects.

Alastair is dedicated to utilising smart building techno­lo­gies alongside rigorous design and tendering processes. He is also a strong advocate for the Group’s Incident and Injury Free Policy.

Gwen Youlden

Marketing & Sales Director

Gwen has a wealth of exper­i­ence in real estate having been behind many award winning marketing and place­mak­ing campaigns for destin­a­tions across the UK. At London Land Group, Gwen estab­lishes desirable and relevant destin­a­tion brands, creating a sense of belonging for our residents whilst support­ing ambitious object­ives for leasing, sales and retention.

Theo Georgallau

Group Financial Controller

After gradu­at­ing from the Univer­sity of Bath with an economics degree, Theo trained as an auditor and gained valuable exper­i­ence in the student accom­mod­a­tion sector before moving into co-living. His expertise includes high-profile acquis­i­tions and technical group reporting to facil­it­ate strategic decision-making.

Ceren Akin

Architectural & Visual Designer

After quali­fy­ing as an architect in Turkey, Ceren pursued a career in strategic branding, brand exper­i­ence, and identity creation. Her studies at Central St. Martins equipped her with a diverse skill set encom­passing archi­tec­ture, visual design, graphic design, and brand identity. As a dedicated consult­ant designer, Ceren has delivered numerous marketing campaigns that have consist­ently exceeded revenue growth expect­a­tions.

Dan Margott

Acquisition Manager

Dan has an extensive track record of sourcing devel­op­ment oppor­tun­it­ies across London and the South East having collab­or­ated with major organ­isa­tions across a broad range of projects, from large strategic regen­er­a­tion to resid­en­tial devel­op­ments and mixed-use commer­cial schemes. His broad market knowledge enables him to quickly identify value add oppor­tun­it­ies.

Nikolai Udalov

Investment Manager

With a strong background in banking and private equity, Nikolai directed his expertise on the real estate sector. Nikolai has strong M&A execution skills and holistic commer­cial, resid­en­tial, and leisure real estate industry knowledge. Addition­ally, he has extensive project manage­ment skills including cross-functional team manage­ment, research, valuation, due diligence coordin­a­tion, negoti­ations, and execution at the highest standards of quality.

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Sarim Rafique Chaudhry

Investment Manager

Sarim graduated from King’s College London with a BSc in Mathem­at­ics, Finance & Manage­ment and trained in the real estate trans­ac­tions team at Deloitte LLP and the commer­cial finance team at Grainger PLC. He has strong commer­cial & resid­en­tial real estate industry exper­i­ence and extensive project manage­ment skills, including research, financial modelling, debt raising, valuation, due diligence, negoti­ations, and deal execution.

Olivia Burton

Development Manager

With over a decade of exper­i­ence in the UK property construc­tion industry, Olivia has a proven track record of deliv­er­ing complex and diverse devel­op­ment projects. She has success­fully managed large, multi-discip­lin­ary teams through all stages of the project lifecycle. Olivia’s expertise includes strategic planning, logistics, and program­ming, enabling her to maximize project viability and return on invest­ment.

Joe Warde-Aldam

Development Manager

Joe’s academic background in countryside manage­ment and exper­i­ence in resid­en­tial real estate have shaped his career as a devel­op­ment manager. He has success­fully managed large-scale devel­op­ment master­plans, most recently a 5,200- unit devel­op­ment focusing on land, planning, and sustain­able devel­op­ment.

Vaughn Fisher

Commercial Manager

With over 22 years of exper­i­ence in the civil construc­tion industry and built envir­on­ment, Vaughan demon­strates a strong opera­tional and commer­cial background across projects of varying scale. His expertise span resid­en­tial, commer­cial and schooling sectors and civil projects. Vaughan is commer­cially astute and has a proven track record in managing complex contracts to ensure success­ful project outcomes.